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•    Application Modernisation & Migration Trends 2010
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– The IDG Connect Global Roundup
– 10.30 am GMT (London)

Welcome to issue 15 of the Global Roundup. This week we have a modernisation and migration trends report from Forrester, an ITISM webcast from Gartner and a brand new report from Vodafone on achieving super fast mobile email.  Please become our friend on Facebook and let us know what you think!

How Do You Compare to Your Peers?

Don’t miss a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BluePhoenix. Covering application modernisation and migration trends, it reveals that modernisation budgets are remarkably strong for 2010. The study also shows that cost reduction is one of the many migration drivers today and that successful firms need a wide range of modernisation services to thrive.  See how you compare – download the full study now!

Are You Quick Enough to Keep Your Customers?

Mobile email is the key tool in a new way of working. Latest research suggests a different set of rules apply for businesses in 2010. These place urgent emphasis on accelerating the speed of customer service. Now more than ever, there is major competitive advantage to be gained from implementing mobile working and reacting quickly to customer needs and requests.  Don’t be left behind – read the full report!

Everything You Need to Know About ITSM

IT Service Management provides visibility into processes, assets and their relationships. It guarantees control to better manage processes, risk and compliance. And it delivers automation so that your business can be more agile and respond quicker to competitive threats and market demands. In short, IT service management allows you to free up your resources while not compromising user satisfaction or operational controls. Learn how your organisation can benefit from IT service management now.  

Well, that’s it for this week’s Global Roundup. Make sure you forward it on to your relevant colleagues.

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Kathryn Cave
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